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Attorney at law
Specialist in building law and law concerning architects
Specialist in administrative law
Mediator/arbitrator acc. to the rules of mediation and arbitration for building disputes


Private building law

Public building law

Law concerning architects and engineers

Law concerning the award of contract

Real-property law

Broker law

Law of commercial tenancy

Law concerning local improvement assessments

Administrative law


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Fax: +49 (0) 911 817719-9075


Mr Hinkl studied at the university Friedrich-Alexander in Erlangen. He was admitted to practice as a lawyer in 1994. Mr Hinkl is a partner of ADVONORIS Rechtsanwälte.

Mr Hinkl is a specialist in building law and law concerning architects and a specialist in administrative law. Thanks to this combination of specializations, he is in a position to comprehensively advise his clients in the fields of building and real-property law including neighboring legal fields and to successfully represent them in and out of court. He provides his services mainly to small and medium-sized enterprises, but also to groups of the building and real-property trade working Germany-wide, to architects and engineers, corporations and institutions under public law, and, last not least to private investors and large communities of condominion owners.

Mr Hinkl is a member of the following associations: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Baurecht e. V., Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Baurecht im Deutschen Anwaltsverein, Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Verwaltungsrecht im Deutschen Anwaltsverein, Deutscher Baugerichtstag e. V.