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Attorney at law
Specialist in building law and law concerning architects


Building law and law concerning architects

Law of commercial tenancy

Law concerning condominion owners

Banking law
Real-property and chattel securities

Law concerning contracts for work and services

Product liability


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Ms Wunderling-Boss studied law at the university Friedrich-Alexander in Erlangen. After having taken her second state examination, she was admitted to practice as a lawyer in 1989. Ms Wunderling-Boss is a specialist in building law and law concerning architects. She is a partner of ADVONORIS Rechtsanwälte.

She advises and represents small and medium-sized enterprises and real-property funds working Germany-wide, in particular in matters of tenancy and building law. Her permanent clients include enterprises of the real-property trade with subsidiaries all over Germany as well as plant-engineering companies.

Ms Wunderling-Boss is a member of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Selbständige Unternehmer (ASU).