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Attorney at law
Specialist in commercial and corporate law
Specialist in protection of industrial property


Corporate law
Company law, law concerning limited partnerships, law concerning partnerships, law regulating reorganization and transformation of companies company transactions

Protection of industrial property
Trademark law, law concerning names and company names, patent and utility-model law, copyright law, design law, licence-agreement law

Distribution law
Law concerning authorized dealers and commercial agents, franchise law

IT law
Preparation of contracts, liability for software defects


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Mr Pejman studied law at the universities of Heidelberg and Würzburg and took his second state examination in 1996. He has been practicing as a lawyer since 1997 and is a partner of ADVONORIS Rechtsanwälte.

Mr Pejman is a specialist in commercial and corporation law and in protection of industrial property. He advises and represents predominantly small and medium-sized enterprises in establishing, exploiting and defending industrial property rights. In the fields of copyright law, law on competition and trademark law, his clients include, among others, enterprises from the health industry, the telecommunications industry, the publishing trade, and the software industry, whom he also advises in questions of licence law and distribution law. For the owners of several renowned trademarks, he manages and organizes the development and exploitation of the marks. Mr Pejman possesses in particular many years' experience in court in fighting against trademark infringements and product piracy.

Another focus of his activities is giving advice to entrepreneurs and enterprises in matters of corporate law and the accompaniment in enterprise transactions.

Mr Pejman is a member of Deutsche Vereinigung für gewerblichen Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht (GRUR).